Travel Essentials: 15 Babies You Need to Bring on Your Next Trip

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There are some things you just can’t take with you on holiday… And then there are things you can’t afford not to take. These are some of the travel essentials I’ve learned not to live without while traipsing around different countries:

  1. Sunglasses: where would I be without my beloved Ray-Bans? These babies offer 100% UV protection, which means I’m always protected from the sun’s harmful rays.
  2. Hat: these are great for those inevitable bad hair days while travelling. Double up with some sunscreen and a hat for sun protection and you’re good to go!
  3. Face Masks: I’ve always regretted not packing a few face masks with me when I go travelling. Travelling takes its toll on the skin, so be kind to it and bring some of these babies with you to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated. You can even use them on the plane during an evening flight once the lights go off- no one will see you and your skin will thank you for it!
  4. Watch: my Daniel Wellington (which I wear everywhere, even back in Sydney) saves me the hassle of often pulling out my phone for the time. With a watch, you’ll be able to conveniently check the time wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.
  5. Tote: Personally, I love Longchamp Le Pliage totes! They’re lightweight, carry a lot, easy to clean and look great. Plus, they conveniently fold into a compact shape that fits easily into your hand luggage or bags when you don’t need it!
  6. Vaseline: this is by far one of the best products I’ve used for dry lips, and a small tub will last for ages. I’ve also heard that Tiger Balm works wonders on all itches and pains, from bug bites to muscle ache, that travellers swear by.
  7. Scarf: a scarf is one of the best gifts a woman can receive. For travelling, scarves are light, and keeps you warm on cold flights and rides. You can also use them to cover up bare shoulders/skin when entering temples and other places of worship.
  8. Camera: make sure you bring an extra SD card so that if you lose one, you won’t lose all the photos from your trip. Also remember that they’re one of the many targets of thieves and pick-pockets so keep them close to you while travelling.
  9. LBD and Heels: a Little Black Dress is classic, versatile, and will go a long way to make you feel good on any occasion. A nice LBT and pair of matching heels should be a part of your travel wardrobe since you never know when and where you’ll need it!
  10. Swimmers: because a beach or a pool will bound to pop up somewhere along the way… or hot springs.
  11. Earplugs: when you’re staying in a noisy environment (because that hotel you booked was cheap for a reason) these will help give you a good night’s rest so you’re ready for the next day.
  12. Loafers: I’ve never been the type to wears sneakers (in fact, I don’t even own a pair) but I love my loafers because they’re so comfortable to walk in. I swear I could go anywhere in them! Plus, they’re versatile so you can save on the shoes count when packing.
  13. Socks: one of the simplest things, but also the easiest to forget. If it does run by your mind, just save the pair from your on-flight travel pack and buy a few more once you’ve landed.
  14. Avène Eau Thermale: this cool spray with thermal spring water keeps my skin refreshed and nose hydrated during flights as I get dry noses due to the low humidity. These come in a handy 50ml spray can you can take onto the plane, so they’re extra convenient and don’t take much space in your hand-luggage.
    Another thing I do to keep hydrated on flights is to drink a lot of water, and to hold a cup of warm tea to my nose (although this is only temporary relief which goes away once the water turns cold). I’ve heard that saline nose sprays also help.
  15. OPI Glitter Nail Polish: I’m quite a ‘girly-girl’ who likes to dress up even when I’m travelling, but I need accessories that are low-maintenance. I’ve found that glitter nail polish does the job perfectly because no one notices scratches or peels.

I hope these travel essentials help when you’re packing for your next big adventure!

xx Lucy


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