Girl on the Move

As a kid, I always dreamed of having parents who moved from place to place, country to country and I’d be like Eliza Thornberry from The Wild Thornberries or Hilary Duff as ‘Girl on the Move’ in The Perfect Man (without all the boy dramas her mum went through, of course). That’s not to say I didn’t travel at all- my parents took me to China and Hong Kong a few times, and I went to Japan and Hawaii in my early years of high school but nothing about travel really sparked anything in me. Not until I was in university, anyway.

My love for travelling began on my exchange to Poland. Throughout high school, I had fantasised about travelling Europe visiting cities like Rome and Paris, Berlin and London. Poland- let alone Wrocław where I ended up living for nearly two months- was far from my list of places to see. And yet, I fell head over heels in wonderment. And now, Poland represents the entirety of all that I love about travelling: culture, a new language, independence, and the opportunity to see a different part of this big world that we live in.

Girl in Poland

From there, I was able to travel to other parts of Europe including Warsaw, Krakow, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice and Prague, and so in a way, Poland was also a dream come true. But my travel adventures haven’t stopped there. Early this year, my boyfriend Ruben and I went to Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City) and to the south-east of Germany (Munich, etc with short day trips to other European cities along the way, as you do in Europe!), and in three weeks, we’ll be zipping off to Bali, Taiwan and Hong Kong for seven weeks 🙂

Which brings me to why I have started this blog. There’s a saying:

Memory is a man’s real possession… In nothing else is he rich, in nothing else is he poor.

My problem has always been my poor memory where somehow, things start to blur after some time and I can’t remember all the amazing things I’ve seen and done. I’ve started this blog so I can record my adventures as I live them, and hopefully inspire you to get out there, too. I’m not sure how many or what adventures I will have in the coming years (in Australia and overseas) but I hope to remember and share them with you as they come.

Stay tuned,
xx Lucy



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